A self-paced class is a class with a single student and with no instructor running it. It must be carefully weighted on its pro and cons before making the decision to take a self-paced class.
To facilitate the variety needs in taking a self-paced class, we provide the materials and services in term of Packages.
Currently we offer the following packages1.
  1. Registration for a self-paced class is treated as a request for joining a Google classroom. MTY Academy makes no guarantee on fulfilling requests of joining Google classroom and/or requests for accessing packages.
  2. Students are required to read each lesson, complete its corresponding homework assignment and quiz, and check their work against the provided keys. After completing all lessons, students are required to take the final exam and submit it for grading. MTY Academy will evaluate the final exam and will use it as a base for moving on to a next class. The class is over when the final is graded or failed to submit after 6 months from the date of the registration.
  3. A 5-tutoring session consists of 5 one-hour tutoring.
The Base Package is required for any self-paced class. Other packages are optional and can be added at any time during the class. Package fees are non-refundable.
Base Package$70
Base+Video Package$150
Base+Tutoring Package$220
Base+Video+Tutoring Package$300
Click the link to register for a self-paced class.