Self-Paced Classes available for registration.
(Summer) 05-PreAlgebra Register Self-Paced class runs in a more relaxed and self-controled manner.
Each Self-Pace class covers a correponding course designed by MTY Academy as in the Math Course Structure

A student can register for any available class that suitable to one's math level (See Placement Evaluation).

A student may stay in a class as long as 6 months starting from the date of registration for the class.

During the period of staying in the class, a student will have the access to the materials and/or assistances collectively called Packages and AddOn services requested and paid for.
(Fall) 05-Algebra-A Register
(Spring) 05-Algebra-B Register
(Summer) 06-Geometry Register
(Fall) 06-Algebra-A Register
(Spring)06-Algebra-B Register
(Summer) 07-Geometry Register
(Fall) 07-Algebra-A Register
(Spring) 07-Algebra-B Register
(Summer) 08-Geometry Register
(Fall) 08-Algebra-A Register
(Spring) 08-Algebra-B Register
(Fall) 09-PreCalculus-A Register
(Spring) 09-PreCalculus-B Register
(Fall) 10-Calculus-A Register
(Spring)10-Calculus-B Register
(Summer)10-Calculus-C Register