Founded by Dr. Gu, MTY Club started with a group of Mathematically Talented Youth taking math courses at the Austin Great Wall Chinese School taught by Dr. Diana Gu. The goal of MTY Club is to serve as a resource for young students to succeed in learning mathematics.

To serve more students at different grades, Dr. Gu started to teach a series of math courses to several classes in the name of MTY Education. With the growing number of students and classes, MTY Academy was formed to manage the classes.

The goal of MTY Academy is to provide an environment for youth to excel academically. At MTY Academy, teachers are not assigned to teach a course. Instead, our courses are offered by teachers who are experienced and love to teach the courses.
We offer classes during Spring and Fall semesters. In Summer, we offer varies classes in June and/or July as alternatives for summer camps. Private Sessions and tutoring are available by arrangements.

For more information, please visit the Services page or contact MTY Academy.

7801 North Lamar Blvd
Suite F-38
Austin, TX 78752

Map of our classroom location